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Company established in 1949, with extensive experience in the manufacturing of ropes, cords, twisted and braided cords in any type of synthetic fiber in diameters from 1/4” to 8”.

      Textiles Santa Susana

More than 50 years offering a wide range of products that has allowed us to serve Super Sacks manufacturing industries, footwear, clothing, textile, security, transportation, luggage, editorial, construction and general commerce among others, making their need our commitment.


Load securing solutions both for open and closed units. Our Bear Force® products will help you reduce costs.

Our product line is elaborated with the highest quality standards to satisfy the needs of our customers.


It is a multifilament fiber structure constituted by millions of independent filaments that when mixed in the concrete form a tridimensional net that controls cracks from their origin in the concrete, which allows a prefect surface finish.


It is virgin 100% pure polypropylene fiber designed to work as reinforcement in concrete. It is manufactured in the form of a multifilament net (Collated Fibrillated Polypropylene), when added to concrete it rationally integrates filaments forming a synthetic net that three-dimensionally controls cracks from their origin.


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Textiles Santa Susana
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